Your Voice Matters

Vision, Mission & Purpose

Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli’s primary vision is to awaken the empowering physicians’ voice and use it purposefully to transform healthcare efficiency, quality, and sustainability through innovating, developing and implementing fit-for-purpose solution-driven products and services.


Dr Garbelli’s values are service, inclusion, collaboration, recognition, worth, contribution, transparency and integrity.


They bind together the doctors and healthcare organizations he serves.

Who is Dr. Garbelli?


Dr Garbelli is a specialist in acute internal medicine, a clinical director, and a Thriving Healthcare consultant. Having witnessed and experienced inefficiencies, frustrations, and struggles as a patient, a relative, and a provider, he uses the lessons learned as a powerful catalyst to provide medical thought leadership.
By fostering a successful collaboration between empowered physicians and healthcare stakeholders, he aims to contribute toward creating high-quality and sustainable healthcare.

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